Medical Physics Program @ georgia tech

Medical Physics Education

Georgia Institute of Technology, Atlanta is a premier center for medical physics (MP) and related programs. The MP program , fully accredited by American Association of Physicist In Medicine (AAPM) offers Masters and Doctorate degrees. This is the only program in the nation to cater for the need of working professionals through her flagship distance learning option. This program does include a mandatoy clinical rotation experience prior to graduation. On campus sstudents fulfill this requirement by shadowing clinical physicist and dosiometrists at Emory facilities that include Emory University Hospital, Atlanta VA Hospital, Crawford Long Hospital and Grady Hospital. The distance learning students could fulfill their clinical rotation experience at his or her own approved nearby facilities. It is expected that the students put in about 400 contact hours that is shared between nuclear medicine, diagnostic imaging and radiation therapy.

The links to the program description for graduate studies in medical physics at georgia tech are and and and . Readers are encouraged to visit those sites for more information.

Speaking from personal experience and testimonials of fellow graduate students, Georgia Tech MP program is a an excellent one with outstanding and caring faculty. I strongly recommend it for anyone thinking of fulfilling their passions for the clinical application of physics.

The program caters for current MP practitioners who might need some refereshers in radiation therapy and treatment planning through its newly opened center, and collaboration with the proton therapy facility at Emory.