Becoming A Medical Physicist

Medical Physics Education

Generally, anyone with a background in physical science, engineering, applied mathematics and other physics related areas in science, technology, engineering, and mathematics could be become a medical physicist. The American Association of Physics in Medicine has accredited programs accross the nation that offers degree programs (MS, DPM & PhD) where the candidates could take the required didadtic courses. Some of the programs also provide a tatse of clinical experience through a 3 months clinical rotation class. In some cases, candidates with a PhD degree and relevant experience could take the certificate program as a pathway to the American Board of Radiology required residency training.

Other countries in Europe, Middle East, Asia and Africa have their different paths for professionalizing candidates into the medical physics career.

We will provide information that will shed light on the journey to becoming a medical physicist so as to support the aspirations of many considering this option in their career choice.