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Medical Physics Education

Ever thought of changing your career? You are not alone. An average person will make 11 – 12 times job changes during their career life span. For some of those people, with the appropriate background, medical physics is a useful destination. This site provides introductory discussions that is aimed at people considering a career in medical physics. It is also designed to provide useful information to the general public about cancer, and role of physics in its diagnosis and treatment.

It covers a broad range of issues like human anatomy and physiology, Radiological Physics, Medical Imaging, Nuclear Medicine and tips for becoming a medical physicist alongside their actual different roles in the hospital, academia, industry, consultancy and research . Resources and links to other useful sites are also provided. The approach for the contents we hope will help visitors to this site avoid the confusions usually encountered by most people in distinguishing medical physicists from other members of the healthcare team like dosimetrists, physiotherapist and many more. It should provide an enlightening overview for people in need of background information that could shed light on cancer and its treatment modalities.

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So, make your selections and dive in with us into the world of the application of physics in medicine.