Clean Energy Solutions

Medical Physics Education

The ravaging impact of cancer and related diseases fans the need for solutions provided by a team that include the medical physicist. A lot of explanations proffered to explain the origin and mechanisms of the cancer associated with various parts of the body. However, the impact of pollutions in the environment I believe is a cuprit that will need its own portion of the blame.

In addition to focussing on treatments, early detection and diagnosis, therapies, cultural and spiritual support for patients, the nations and their science experts need to begin to explore the connections between the degree of pollution of their environment with the extent of diseases like cancer in the society. Undergrund water pollution with radioactive and chemically active substances, depletion of ozone layer with UV radiation attack on Earth residents, growing threat of global warming and other climate related changes of our time have increased awareness of climate change and a renew call for us to adopt renewable green energy sources.

The top contenders in the renewable energy list include solar, znd wind. I will provide access to a document that discusses the setting up of a wind farm in Jos, Nigeria, and a link to a joint paper written to advocate the increase use of solar energy in Malaysia.